High Country Yoga

Our Om is Your Om

High Country Yoga welcomes everyone in the community to join in classes and workshops of all varieties.

We welcome all skill levels in all of our classes! The “All Level” classes are meant to accommodate all skill levels with options to modify or advance. The “Intermediate Level” classes are meant to be more of a challenge and anyone is welcome to join!

All Level Classes: 

Beginner Yoga - New to yoga? In this class, your instructor will break down the yoga basics to help you feel comfortable in any class! You will learn how to access the foundational poses safely by learning the proper alignment of each pose through demonstration, practice, and adjustments. Been to yoga before? You are still welcome! There is so much to learn when you bring your beginner mindset :)

Deep Stretch -  It's time to slow down and get into the deep connective tissue of your body.  This class is taught at a very slow pace, and will leave you in a meditative state.  There will generally be no standing postures and we will learn to surrender to gravity in order to rejuvenate the body.  Stretching straps and yoga blocks will typically be used in order to give you the support you need in each stretch.


Gentle Yoga -  A soothing and accessible class that focuses on easing the body into different positions in order to prepare it for final relaxation.  You will learn to move with ease and comfort and develop an understanding of the connection between mind and body.  This class is great for beginners as it teaches you how to use the yoga props/equipment.  It is also beneficial to increase mobility and range of motion in the body.


Gentle Yoga with Guided Relaxation - A Gentle Yoga class with a 15 minute relaxation at the end, which is done lying on the back.  Use the instructor's guidance in order to find a present moment focus or visualization.  It is time to take a break from the overload in the mind!

Hatha Yoga -  A traditional yoga class designed to align and calm your mind and body. In this practice, you will explore creating range of motion in your spine as well as the major joints of your body. You will go through the postures at a steady pace that allows for mindful movement and breath awareness. This is a great practice for all skill levels, with options to modify each pose or advance each pose.

Mat Pilates - Learn to strengthen your powerhouse muscles by following Joseph Pilates’ classical mat series. We will strengthen the core with various abdominal exercises on our back and strengthen the glutes and inner thighs with various side kick exercises. Great class for building strength with a very accessible approach!


Reggae Yoga Flow -  A Yoga Flow class in a feel-good environment!  Let go of your work week with this playful class in which the reggae music is turned up for you to feel the good vibrations!  A very community orientated class, sometimes with a group pose or two incorporated!


Restorative Yoga with Singing Bowls - It is time for the best Yoga nap and sound healing ever!  This class will start with a gentle, full body stretch and will then move into Restorative postures. We will use bolsters (thick, sturdy pillows), blankets, and yoga blocks to fully support our body in each pose.  Each pose is very gentle and will be held anywhere from 2-10 minutes.  You can close your eyes for most of this class, relax, and let go!  A great Thursday evening release to prepare you for the weekend as you enjoy the vibrational sounds of singing bowls and more!


Yoga Flow -  A traditional yoga class that incorporates a full practice and teaches you to listen to your body at every moment.  Learn to live in the present moment and listen to your body while feeling at peace with yourself and your surroundings.  This is a great practice for all skill levels, with options to modify each pose or advance each pose.

Yoga Flow & Yin - The Yoga Flow portion will be taught for the first half of this class to warm and ready the body for deeper stretching. The Yoga Flow is taught for all skill levels and will sufficiently stretch and strengthen the body. The second half of the class will consist of Yin Yoga postures, which are deeper stretches that will be held for 3-5 minutes each to be sure to access the deeper connective tissues within the body and have you leave feeling relaxed and stretched out.

Intermediate Level Classes:

Warm Ashtanga Mix - Ashtanga Yoga follows a traditional Primary Series, which is a set sequence or routine that takes roughly two hours to complete from start to finish.  In this class, you will follow a condensed version of the Primary Series (with some postures from the Secondary Series!), including Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, standing postures, seated postures, backbends, twists, inversions, and savasana (final relaxation). This class will be “warm,” with the room heated to about 80-85 degrees with added humidity.

Heated Vinyasa Flow -  Our most popular class!  This class offers a dynamic flow where you will learn to link movement to breath.  A vinyasa is a series of 4 postures - high plank, low push-up, backbend, and downward facing dog - and the vinyasa sequence is done several times in class to wipe the slate clean, strengthen and lengthen, and continue on with a new perspective.  This class is heated to about 85-90 degrees with added humidity, so be prepared to release toxins through your sweat.  This is our more physical and challenging class that we offer, so please come with an open mind, and don't forget to drink plenty of water before and after!


Heated Vin/Yin Flow - A Vinyasa and Yin Yoga fusion class!  This class will be in a heated room of about 85-90 degrees with added humidity.  The first half of the class will be focused on building internal heat through the practice of sun salutations and vinyasa movements.  The second portion of the class will involve deep stretching and relaxing postures in order to renew the body and mind.

Specialty Classes - All Levels:

Acro Yoga & Inversions - Have you ever wanted to practice headstand or handstand in class but don’t know where to start? Come to this class to workshop inversions like these & more! Get hands on assists and learn the technique behind these poses. Are you intrigued by partner/community yoga practices but need some guidance? This class will also incorporate the basic Acro Yoga skills you need to start. We will focus mostly on L-basing skills which will build strength, trust, communication, acrobatics, and therapeutics.

Please be well hydrated before class begins and continue to hydrate during and afterwards.


Please note the class lengths on the schedule (ranging from 45 to 90 minutes).  If you have to leave early for any reason, please let the instructor know before class begins.