High Country Yoga

Our Om is Your Om

High Country Yoga welcomes everyone in the community to join in classes and workshops of all varieties.


At High Country Yoga, there is a broad spectrum of classes offered so that you can come in and get just what you need on a day to day basis.  Every class is taught to accommodate all skill levels of practitioners.

Our Instructors


Briana (E-RYT 200) first found yoga at the age of 12 years old when she went to class to practice with her dad and sister.  As a gymnast at that time, the physical practice was a pleasure to transition into.  When she retired from gymnastics in high school, Briana remembered how much she enjoyed yoga and thus continued on her journey into the practice.  As she went away to college at Appalachian State University, Briana dove into her daily yoga practice as it helped her to feel at home and grounded in the mountains.  She became very involved in University Recreation and became the Fitness Programmer for the Yoga and Pilates program.  This experience showed her that this is where she is meant to be.  In the summer of 2011, Briana went back home to Miramar, Florida where she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification at Yoga Connection in Davie, FL.  During her studies, she found that the steady poses of yoga are all a gateway into taking control of the mind and creating your own reality.  Upon graduation, she spent a couple of years deciding if Boone was her home, and once she realized it was, she opened up High Country Yoga in September 2014.  Briana enjoys sharing her passion and experiences with others and strives to make all feel welcome, comfortable, and connected to their highest self.

Check out a video of Briana's practice here!


Angel (RYT 200) has been a yoga practitioner for 13 years. She has worked in a variety of helping professions over the years; most recently as a Career Counselor. In 2012, her son was born and she quit her full time job to stay home with him.  During this time she re-evaluated her career and life priorities, realizing then that yoga had been a constant over the span of most of her adult life.  So in 2017 she completed her 200 hour teacher training through Neighborhood Yoga in Boone in order to share her passion with others. She firmly believes that yoga can be accessible to anyone.  Through our practice we learn to listen to our bodies and adjust when necessary to honor ourselves. Her classes are a blend of alignment, vinyasa, and longer held stretches to strengthen the connection between body and mind.


Reese (RYT 200) is a power flow instructor. Combining breath with dynamic movement, his classes reach towards collective deepness, connection found through shared practice. Outside of the studio, Reese is currently a graduate student of Appalachian State's mental health counseling program. He lives in a short bus, plays outside a lot, and enjoys reading books about space cowboys.



Patience (RYT 200) is an artist, educator, dancer, farmer, counselor, avid reader, and athlete.  She enjoys grueling physical activity and dirt under her finger nails.  She is mother to three Hobbits and married to an Ent.  Her trail running companion is Happy Daffodil (a Blue Tick Hound).  Following her passion and curiosity has led to life experiences far and wide: backpacking in 14 countries, living off the grid, a horse and buggy journey across the Great Plains, serving as a Div. I Field Hockey Coach, Sioux Sundance Ceremonies, and responsibilities as una Padrina to a Quechua family in the Andes.  Patience is a professional counselor, fitness instructor, and college professor who integrates the mind, body, spirit, and nature into every endeavor.  As a teacher, she aspires to create an atmosphere of discovery where each participant can gain a little insight and a large amount of joy.  In yoga, she strives to introduce transformation through the sequences exploring vayus, chakras, and holistic psychology during heated vinyasa.

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Anna Gray (RYT 200) had been practicing yoga for several years, but really fell in love while living in Florence, Italy. She cultivated a passion for Progressive Ashtanga Yoga and discovered how yoga could bring people together without even being able to speak the same language. After returning home to Boone, North Carolina, she decided to deepen her practice and became certified in “Flow Yoga” at Asheville Yoga Center. Currently, she is working towards completing her RYT 500 certification also at AYC.  Anna enjoys teaching colorful sequences that have traditional undertones. She loves sharing her passion for mindful movement and hopes to inspire peace and empowerment within her students. She believes that each breath is an opportunity to evolve and discover one’s own inner wisdom. 

Emily C

Emily C (RYT 200) found yoga to be the perfect exercise for the mind and body while studying Nutrition at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.  It was there that she also completed the 200 Hour Live, Love, Teach Yoga Training in July 2016.  She spontaneously transplanted to North Carolina later in 2016 and has loved being here ever since. She recently graduated with Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Public Health and is excited to get her career promoting health and wellness started.  She loves doing anything outdoors or with her dog, Cassie.  As a teacher, she aspires to bring awareness and mindful redirection to breath and body sensations as a means of escaping the busy thoughts that occupy our minds off of the mat. 


Jenny (E-RYT 200) began practicing yoga while studying Exercise Science at Appalachian State.  Jenny comes from an active background involving running, cycling, and being an all-around outdoor enthusiast, but values the mindful and gentle movement that yoga provides.  After 6 years of teaching yoga, she is convinced that yoga does not discriminate - everyone has something to gain from it.  Jenny enjoys teaching to a wide range of bodies and abilities, and delights in challenging her students' perception of what their bodies can do.   Jenny was trained as a RYT-200 in Charleston, SC, and is currently pursuing her 500 hour advanced teacher training.  Jenny holds a Master’s degree in Health Education, and is adjunct faculty at Appalachian State in the departments of Exercise Science and Public Health, as well as at Lees-McRae College.  Jenny enjoys teaching a playful, energetic, and challenging class where every student can feel that they have something to gain and somewhere to work from.  Her approach is mindful of considerations due to injury and age, and she prides herself on making the poses accessible to everyone. 


Pam (RYT 200) is a native of New Orleans but found her true home in the NC mountains as a teenager. She met yoga in her late 30s and began her own journey of self-healing, which led her to pursue teacher certification. She continued her training with Ashley Turner’s Yoga.Psyche.Soul curriculum, which teaches a holistic, therapeutic approach to healing through yoga psychology. She is currently a master’s student in clinical mental health counseling at Appalachian State. In her classes she strives to empower students through their own mind-body wisdom, combining creative flow, good music, and a fun, supportive environment. Incorporating chakra work and yoga philosophy, she encourages students to practice radical self-care, find ease and joy in their bodies, and achieve their fullest expression, on their mats and in their lives. 


Carey (RYT 200) received her RYT-200 hour in May 2017 after undergoing a 9-month teacher training through Neighborhood Yoga in Boone, NC. She is a Yoga Alliance approved instructor. Additionally, she received her MA in Sociology with a certificate in Gerontology in 2012. Her approach to yoga is therapeutic in nature with an emphasis on restorative and yin yoga reaching a diverse audience. Carey has been practicing yoga for nearly thirteen years and came to it initially for its physical benefits, as many do in our Western culture. However, she soon realized that she was experiencing growth and healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. She then became a student of yoga, as well as a practitioner, in 2012. Her intention within leading her classes is to help others bridge the gaps in their own beings, to provide a space for exploration, reflection, healing, evolution, and the development of peaceful spirit within their own lives as well as personal practices.


Dan (RYT 200) teaches challenging vinyasa flows with creative season and energetic spice. He incorporates upbeat music and breath-to-breath transitions with playful movements. You can catch Dan skateboarding, hiking, swimming, or whispering to his house plants. He studies building sciences with a concentration in sustainable building at Appalachian State.


Brad (RYT 200) is a yoga instructor from Boone, NC. He works as an EMT for Watauga Medics and Watauga County Rescue Squad. He applies his background in anatomy & physiology to teach a refined vinyasa flow. “I consider my classes to be an offering to the community. It is a gesture of service so we can share good health and longevity.” In his personal practice, he explores handstands, meditation, and ludicrous arm balances. He praises yoga for it’s ability to fend off the daily demons of stiff joints, muscle atrophy, and cognitive decline.


Alecia (RYT 200) started practicing yoga 15 years ago during graduate school, and it was love at first asana. Yoga transformed her relation to her self, and she discovered a true practice of freedom on and off the mat. She pursued her teaching certification in 2010 at Asheville Yoga Center, with her teachers Stephanie Keach, Joe Taft, Shala Worsley, and Michael Johnson. She also has 50 hours toward her advanced 500 training. She encourages a yoga practice that is grounded in the breath, focused on playfulness as well as healing, and a vigorous exploration of what the body can do (while accepting, with love, its limits). In addition to teaching at HCY, Alecia offers two classes per week at Health Promotion for Faculty and Staff at ASU. Alecia is also a devoted runner and mountain biker, mama to two boys, and professor of educational research at ASU.


Sybil Harmon, owner of Root Harmony Healing Arts, is a certified Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation Instructor with over 20 years of continuous teaching and training. “I continue to be amazed by the simple power of Qigong and Tai Chi as self-healing practices that bring balance in all areas of life (body, mind and spirit). As we experience the world speeding up, we are being guided to seek tools for reclaiming our energy—to live powerfully in happiness and in harmony.” Sybil is native North Carolinian mountain girl and ASU alumnae. In addition to teaching self-healing practices and providing Qigong Energy Healing sessions, Sybil actively supports small businesses as a marketing and design consultant. She loves to be in nature hiking, kayaking, and gardening.